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03 May 2010 @ 10:06 pm


Did you know that I thought you had a warm heart before? You the one to blame for my extistance right now. I was about to kill myself that one night. Why did I stop. It wasn't for you. It was the words that made me cry so hard that day.


I saw you on the floor bawling. I looked in your eyes and saw my entire past with your cousin. You changed me that day. Did you ever notice me again. No. Heartbreak.


You know half of my secret. Embraced me when I told you half but soon forgot, or did you?


You told me it was a 'no' because I was in love with someone that hated you. You told me it was a 'no' because I was thinking of another. You told me it was a 'no' because you didn't give me the opportunity to love a man.


You embraced a dead religion.


Tell you the truth? I've only told one person the truth. I've only lived the truth with one. Particial truth.


I talk to you the most because I could have made people proud with your state of being.


Do you really have that big of a faith? Is it all fake?


I believe, that it's all gone. I gave up. I'm sorry, appa.


Found happiness in the most unusal way. Critizied and hurt. Your happiness was ridiculed and converted to art.


What happened to you?


Do you remember still what made me happy when appa was still around?


Do you know what makes me happy when appa is gone?


You know that I hated him.


You know that I hate her.


You know I forgot about the past details. I forgot pains. I only remember the scar.


Will you take care of something for me? You can just stand there. Let me fall on my knees.


Will you give me a bible study? I like to hear your faith. It comforts me even though i know I'm with the condemned.


Are you going to shout at me?


Are you going to defend him. Is it a sin to fight yet lose battles? I'm a human. You struggle, oh wait. no, you're saved.


Have you ever agreed with him? It's okay.


I'm hungry.


Are you happy that you have someone to NOT worry about?


You know what you did to me?


Hey, I want revenge. It came to me. 

I forgot about everything right now. 

I'm dull..

Wait. for it.

I'm going to kill them.

I thought they would have already murdered me. I'm going to grow up to gain money and have thier heads in the ocean. They'll come back to me. Float under my bed. His coffin with sink to hell. I'll be swallowed up by hell's openings. Seeing the high waves push the 'angels' up to heaven. 

I give up. 

On last step.

Don't worry. I'll get my revenge. 

I'm going to kill them for making me a girl.

They cursed us. 

They made me this way. 

I always wanted revenge.

I was born to be appa's revenge.

They killed my father.

They killed him.

I'm going to kill them.

I'm going to kick him in the balls.

They cursed my mother to hell.


I lost my faith in everything.

I lost my faith in man

in God.



I'm thirsty.

so thirsty.

My mind has been like this since you first touched my heart.

You lived without me for two months. 

I lived without her for two months. 

We are tied.

I hurt everyone.


They are going to get it.

They killed a man.

I'm going to be a criminal.

I'm mad.

I take pills.

Your death made me go crazy

At your funeral.

I ran outside and yelled one thing.

I'll kill you, old man.

I'll kill them all.

I lost

I won.


I look at me.

We are done.

I killed you.

When I kill them

I'll take my son and make him the Son.





I actually went shopping today and bought stuff. I got this cuuute ninja shirt <333 :D
buuut this like totally scared me for a moment then when I got home it scared me even more
I saw this shirt that had a girl that looked like BoA. . .I didn't buy it buut i think i have to go back to the store and buy it cuz
I can totally bet on it that it IS BoA
that the designer just photoshoped boa onto thier shirt.
all they added was the sunglasses. . .
like really it's her.

it's freaking BOA in the storrreee. :DDDCollapse )

okay after thinking it over i'm just going to buy the shirt to see if anybody notices that it's boa too. rofl. 


12 August 2009 @ 07:25 pm

A while ago i was showing my friend some seducing pictures of changmin. but it all went totally wrong when i showed them this one ahaha.
I didn't notice it until my friend pointed it all out.
Changmin's hand is deformed. It looks like a pig's hand but may I say a sexy one lol


changmin is a cute little piggy.Collapse )

I've seen these pics so many times and never noticed it maybe because of changmin's handsome-ness in these. oh i love him ♥  haha 

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10 August 2009 @ 05:34 pm

i really hate it when people try to be your best friend even though there is no connection between two people.
+ they try to do everything like you ugh.
odio esas personas.
nomas digo ke no soy su amiga y empesia tratar de ser mas ke un amiga.
mi mejor amiga ay dios no.
my shots didn't hurt (: 
ahorrita voy a recojer mi changmin vest ke ordene

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